Cool Off in Canada… A Maritime Motorcycle Adventure

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Cool Off in Canada… A Maritime Motorcycle Adventure
Turquoise waters frame a rocky coast. I gaze at the sea hoping to see my first Humpback Whale. I have travelled more than 2000 miles to take in this picture perfect scene. Musing over a cappuccino at the Herring Choker Cafe near Baddeck, Nova Scotia, I realize that, although I have ridden seven days to get here, for me this was a journey that began half a century ago. Having left my Canadian home as a child, I have returned many times to visit. But this is the first time I will see my native land from the saddle of a motorcycle. It is also my first visit to the maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The Summer heat can be brutal in North Carolina where I live now. Dreaming of relief from 100 degree days and the possibility of discovering something unknown about my own heritage, I loaded up my new 2011Triumph Sprint GT and headed North. My first destination is the little village of Janeville, on the Acadian Peninsula of Northern New Brunswick, nestled between forest and sea, where my cousin Judy lives. She will be my travel companion on this Maritime Motorcycle Adventure.

The Triumph Sprint GT is the perfect machine for two up touring. That’s good, because we have plenty to see. As a TV producer for more than thirty years, I don’t go anywhere without a camera. I’ve mounted a portable high definition Flip UltraHD video camera on the bike to capture and share my memories on this long overdue motorcycle tour of my native land. 

Terry Shiels is an award-winning Canadian born TV Producer and Director of  Photography best known for travel oriented productions that promote an active outdoor lifestyle.
SHIELS PRODUCTIONS captures a spirit of wonderment and discovery in the outdoors, portrays a life fulfilled through play and promotes respect for healthy living and a healthy world.

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